Chipnship is changing business model. Current model is discontinued.

Got a wish list?
Chip'n Ship is the simplest way to crowdfund your gifts.

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How It Works


Link us to the wish. We provided a neat "Amazon Quick Search" tool to help you out.

Tell contributors a.k.a pitchers why they should Chip'n Ship for your wish.


Let's grant wishes. Together, we can make the load lighter.

Chip in to your own wish if you can. Ask friends to chip in, too.

Pay it forward - when you can, chip in to other wishes and make people happier.


If your wish has been granted, Chip'n Ship will do the ordering process and the item will be shipped to you or to the designated recipient automatically.

Chip'n Ship is a crowdfunding platform for online shopping and group-gifting.

It lets anyone make a wish.
It lightens the burden of payment by letting others chip in.
It eliminates the need for a manual order process making it easier to ship.

The next granted wish could be yours.

Jennifer Bautista
Help me buy my daughter's school pack. I'm still jobless.


100% completed
100% Due a month ago

Solenn Smith
A new phone for my birthday wouldn't be so bad ^^, Thanks in advance!

$589.75 CHIPPED IN

100% completed
100% Due 3 weeks ago

David Cooper
Guys, here is our wish. Let's go fish!


100% completed
100% Due 2 weeks ago

Anne Wilk
A 37th anniversarry gift for Mom & Dad. I hope they get it. :)

$599.00 CHIPPED IN

100% completed
100% Due a week ago

Happy Birthday!

Celebrating your birthday? You have the freedom to make a wish. Send it to your friends and family. They'll surely chip in for you.

Getting Married?

Pick out the gifts you like and avoid getting 5 microwaves! Create your wish list and let your family and friends chip in. This works 2-way. You get the things you can really use. They won't have to worry about thinking (and carrying) what they will give to you.

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Fun with Friends

Buying something for your bonding activities with friends? Use this platform to make your group purchases. Everyone can chip in for your common need.

In a Pinch?

You need something but you don't have enough money for it. It is better to ask help from friends than not trying, right?
Make a wish and make it happen.

School Library Project

Need new books for the school library? Find them here and let our good citizens hear about it. They'll gladly chip in.

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Employee Rewards

Don't lose your valuable employees. Have them make a wish and chip in based on their performance.
If you are interested in making this your rewards platform, contact us and we will workout a plan for you.

The Benefits of Using Chip'n Ship

It was made for you.

Your money ends up either as an actual gift or as chip in credits.

We only charge 5% per wish which goes to maintenance, upgrades, and profit altogether.

Public schools and nonprofit organizations are free of charge subjected to certain Terms and Conditions.

And because we strive to be the best crowd shopping platform online, we only use the best platform trusted by millions

As seen in

Started locally. Expanding globally.

Wishing and shipping available in US. Chipping in available worldwide.

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