Chipnship is changing business model. Current model is discontinued.

About Chip'n Ship

We will keep this simple, readable, and easily understandable as best as we can.

Chip'n Ship is a crowdfunding platform for online shopping and group gifts.

It lets anyone make a wish.
It lightens the burden of payment by letting others chip in.
It eliminates the need for a manual order process making it easier to ship.


Chip'n Ship For Everyone Else

Personal Use

Not enough money for buying that gadget? You can try asking help from your friends to chip in what you can't pay.

Gift Giving

Maybe Romeo and Juliet are getting married and you wanted them to have this wonderful bed for their new home? Make a wish for them and invite your common friends to chip in.

Group Purchases

Having a team building, group study, or just wanted to get that nice guitar for you and your friends. You can purchase them together.


Chip'n Ship For Business

Rewards Management Platform

Have your employees create their wish and grant them what they are deserving with.

Online Store

Have your products be featured here.


Chip'n Ship Contact Information

User inquiries, feedback, reporting issues

Business Inquiries


Last updated August 1, 2014.