Chipnship is changing business model. Current model is discontinued.

Frequently Asked Questions

All About Accounts

Do I need to create an account?

If you want to be able to make a wish, you must have an account and logged in.

If you just want to chip in, you can be anonymous. However, we still recommend that you create an account to be entitled for credits, etc.

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Do I need to provide my real name?

When creating an account, you will be asked for your name - it is required but it is your decision to choose if it will be your real name or a pseudonym.

When making a wish, however, we need a real name to be provided on the Shipping Information to eliminate issues with delivery of the product if ever granted. This name is never displayed to the public.

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Do I need to provide a real email address?

It is advised that you provide your real email address so we can properly communicate with you. If you want to minimize emails from us, you can change your Notification settings.

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Making A Wish

To make a wish, you should be logged in. Click the Wish menu from the navigation menu and fill in the required fields on the form.

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Can I make more than 1 wish?

You can make as many wish as you want.

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Can I chip in to my own wish?


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Can I make a wish for others?

Yes. This platform is a gifting platform and making a wish for others is a natural process. Just make sure to provide the correct shipping information for the recipient.

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Wish Is Under Review

What does it mean when my wish is under review?

When your wish is under review, it means the system is validating the product and making final calculations before making it live. You will receive notification of the result of the review process.

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Why did my wish failed review process?

Some products are not eligible to be ordered from chipnship. Among which are those that have sizes. Choose a product which does not require any more selection.

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Wish Is Live

What is a live wish?

A live wish means it is ready for people to see and chip in to. It also means the clock is ticking for the wish.

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Can I update a live wish?

You may improve your reason, and shipping info with a live wish. You can also trigger an Update Price for the times when you think the product is on sale.

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Can I delete a live wish?

You may delete a live wish only if there are no chip ins yet.

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Granted Wish

What does granted wish means?

A wish is granted when we met its target price.

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My wish is granted but the product is not available

You can choose another product to update your wish in case it is not available.

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Expired Wish

Why does a wish has an expiry?

A wish needs expiration to avoid too much price fluctuation.

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What happens if my wish expired and not successful?

The pitchers will get their credits back to their account.

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Chip In

How do I chip in?

Select a wish and click the chip in button. It will prompt you to the chip in process.

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What are the methods of payment?

We only allow credit card payment for now.

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Is it safe to chip in?

Yes. We use Stripe to process your chip ins. See terms of service by Stripe.

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Do you provide tracking number?

Amazon sometimes provide tracking number. When it does, you will be notified of it. You will be able to see it on your wish details.

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My item still did not arrive, what will I do?

Send us an email about it, so we can troubleshoot it with you.

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I received an Internal Error, what will I do?

Send us an email describing what were you doing when you received the error.

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