Chipnship is changing business model. Current model is discontinued.

Chip'n Ship Privacy

We will keep this simple, readable, and easily understandable as best as we can.

Information We Ask From You

  1. Name
  2. Email Address
  3. Password
Create (Wish)
  1. Name (Recipient)
  2. Address
  3. Contact No.
Chip In (Using Credit Card)
  1. Email Address
  2. Credit Card Information

Information You Share to Others

It is your responsibility to control the amount of information you publish.

For example, giving out clues of your locations or schedule through any post may give out information to stalkers or anyone who would take advantage of that knowledge against you. You have control on what you will put in there and we do not validate that.

The following are areas which you may post information which we cannot validate and may instantly be available to the public:

  1. Discuss Wish
  2. Create Wish > "Why should we Chip'n Ship for you?"
  3. Thank You Note (for granted wish)

How We Use Information We Ask From You


During registration, we ask information for us to identify you.

The Name you provide will be treated a public information within the site. However, it is entirely up to you if you want to provide your real name or choose a different display name to protect your identity.

Your Email Address is used primarily for sending notifications to you. You may choose what kind of notifications you want to receive from us through your account page under the Email Notification section.

Passwords are never shared to anyone - even to you. You are the only person who can use it during login process. If you happen to forget about it, you can request to reset your password and you will be sent instructions on how to do so through an email.

Create (Wish)

When creating a wish, we ask the Name of the recipient whom the product will be shipped to when granted. We use this information, along with the Address and Contact No. for shipping purposes.

We also use address to compute tax and shipping charges.

Other than these, we have no further use on shipping information and we do not share this to public.

Chip In (Using Credit Card)

When you chip in using your credit card, you will be asked for your Credit Card Information to process the payment. We use Stripe to process payments. We do not store the information you provide during this process.

Please check Stripe's own policies for more information.

Chip In (Anonymous)

You have the option to chip in anonymously - this means we will not show your profile (photo and name) as one of the pitchers of a wish.

Chip In (Amount)

We do not publicly show the figure of how much you chip in to a wish - this is to protect your privacy and security. However, you may see it for yourself through your Account page.

Last updated August 1, 2014.