Chipnship is changing business model. Current model is discontinued.

Chip'n Ship Terms and Conditions

We will keep this simple, readable, and easily understandable as best as we can.

Definition of Terms

Chip'n Ship

A crowdshopping website that enables users to create shopping wishes and help lighten the burden of paying it by letting other users chip in. Once a wish has been granted, Chip'n Ship automates the ordering process.

Chip'n Ship does not provide money directly to its users. If anyone is due refunds, it will be credited to them in form of Chip'n Ship Credits which they can use to chip in to wishes, be it their own or not.

This is what users linking us to the product they wish to buy and providing a reason why pitchers should chip in to that wish.
This is the term used to define the user who owns a wish.
This is the term used to define a user who chips in to at least one wish.
Chip In
n. The total amount of money a pitcher added to a wish.
v. The act of giving, adding or pitching in to a wish.
These may be used to chip in to wishes. It can come from any of the following:
  1. Excess Chip Ins - If the total amount of chip ins is greater than the final price of the wish, any excess will go to the wishers credits.
  2. Expired Wish - Wishes that expires and did not get 100% completed returns chips to its pitchers as credits.
Third Party Service Providers

We use third party services for shopping and payment namely:

  1. Amazon - our primary source of shopping products. We used their API to give you list of products through our Amazon Quick Search tool. Once a wish has been granted, we complete the order process to Amazon which in turn takes care of shipping the product to the intended recipient as indicated in the wish.
  2. Stripe - our primary method of payment when pitchers chip in using credit card.

Your Responsibility to Chip'n Ship

Use of Chip'n Ship

You will not use Chip'n Ship in asking information or money from others other than in form of a "chip in" to one or more of your wishes.

You will not post anything to Chip'n Ship that may cause harm to anyone including yourself.

It is your responsibility to inform the recipient about the wish to avoid shipping conflicts due to surprises, etc.

Public school and Nonprofit Organizations

You will notify us via email that you are any of these so we can do necessary actions to make your wishes free of charge.

Reporting Errors

You will promptly report critical issues to Chip'n Ship to warrant resolution.

Our Responsibility To You

Shipping Granted Wishes

We handle shipping of products on granted wishes, however, any errors on logistics that may be out of our hand is not of our full responsibility.


We will attend to reported errors according to priority.


Credits are due to respective users on certain conditions.

In the case of credits due to unregistered pitchers of an expired wish, notifications will be sent twice to give them a chance to register and use the credits through chipping in. Failure to respond within 60 days will result to forfeiture of the credits due for them.

Updates on Terms and Conditions
We will send notifications to users whenever we update the terms and conditions of this website. Those who opted out of receiving notifications from us will still be able to view these through this website.


Last updated August 16, 2014.