Chipnship is changing business model. Current model is discontinued.

Want to manage your wedding registry?
Chip'n Ship simplifies gift giving for your wedding.

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How It Works


Make your wish list. We provided a neat "Amazon Quick Search" tool to help you out.


Get wishes granted. Together, it makes the load lighter.

Share your wish list to friends and family using our Sharing tools. They can choose which and how much to chip in to.


If your wish has been granted, Chip'n Ship will order the items and will ship automatically.

Chip'n Ship is a crowdfunding wedding registry platform.

It lets you make your wish list taking burden off your family and friends on thinking what gift to buy.
It lets your family and friends and family chip in any amount they can.
It eliminates the need for a manual order process making it easier to ship.

Congratulations and Best Wishes!
Create your wish list and share it with family and friends.

John & Jane
We love movies and this will be a really nice gift for our wedding.

$479.99 CHIPPED IN

100% completed
100% Due 3 weeks ago

John & Jane
We love cooking and would love to have this set for our wedding gift.


100% completed
100% Due 3 weeks ago

John & Jane
Nice-comfy bedding set for comfy sleep.


100% completed
100% Due 3 weeks ago

John & Jane
Glass containers for food storage so we don't get cancer. Thank you!


100% completed
100% Due 3 weeks ago

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The Benefits of Using Chip'n Ship As Your Wedding Registry

You won't get 5 microwave ovens.

You're helping out family and friends by picking out what you really like.

Your family and friends can chip in any amount to one or more of your wishes.

We only charge 5% per wish which goes to maintenance, upgrades, and profit altogether.

And because we strive to be the best crowd shopping platform online, we only use the best platform trusted by millions

As seen in

Started locally. Expanding globally.

Wishing and shipping available in US. Chipping in available worldwide.

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